Comets News · Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen; A Final Message from the AD


Those of you from my generation may remember these as the title words from the long running TV series MASH, which originally aired on February 28, 1983. Although my tenure as CIS Athletic Director in no way rivals the 11 year run of Hawkeye and company, I thought the words were fitting as I announce to the Comet athletic family that I will be leaving CIS to pursue a career opportunity at a public high school on the North Carolina coast.
As I reflect on the last two years, I’d like to think we made great strides in the building and development of our program. As with any endeavor, there are lessons to be learned from both the accomplishments and the mistakes. The wins and losses on the scoreboards of all of our middle and high school teams are completely irrelevant and have nothing to do with the way I measure success. At the end of the day, I chose to look back on decisions made and evaluate the impact; was there at least one individual student upon whom the decision had a positive effect? If at least one could be named, I could feel somewhat a feeling of accomplishment. If not, then re-evaluation was necessary and a determination made as to what should have been done as an alternative or what should have been done differently in order to have a greater positive effect.
Not one of us is flawless. The key to personal growth and development is to evaluate our misgivings and mistakes, determine what we did that could have been done differently, and then not repeat the same action or make the same decision in a similar situation. This process can convert the mistake into a lesson.
I leave CIS with the hope that I have given our students and student athletes some small lesson that will help them grow and realize their personal goals and ambitions. Additionally, I would like to think that somewhere along the line I contributed to them understanding our core values and what it takes to espouse them; Respect, Responsibility, Solutions, Service; not only to their school and community, but more importantly to themselves.
I would like to ask all of our parents to also do what is necessary to model those core values as well; not only to the athletic realm but to the entire school as well. The staff and administration of CIS respects and values your thoughts and opinions. However, I feel that your voice will carry much greater volume if your involvement consists of more than morning drop off, afternoon dismissal, and attendance only at events where your child is involved. Please be actively involved in the total school program, it’s mission, and it’s goals.
To the student-athletes and students I would like to say that even though it may not have always been evident, I do truly love you guys. You made my choice to accept this new position extremely difficult. I’ve communicated with some of you over the past couple of days and we’ve shared memories and tears; so much in fact that I’ve found myself second-guessing my decision. Please know that I will remember each of you not for what you brought to the gym or the field, but for what mark you will leave as you continue to grow. I foresee bright futures for each of you. Go out and “shock the world” with your ambitions and accomplishments. And remember, that you will always be in my thoughts and prayers and most importantly in my heart. Thank you for the lessons you’ve given me and I look forward to hearing great things. While I may not be able to say good bye to each of you individually, I will leave you with the video that follows and bid you a fond adieu.